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Last chance to submit a nomination for the Roseann Smith Alperin Award and Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Award!

Last chance to submit a 2021 nomination!

The deadline to nominate a deserving individual for the Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Award and the Roseann Smith Alperin Award is this Friday!

Don’t miss your chance to submit a nomination!

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Leadership in empowering and transforming the lives of women and girls in the community
The Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Award is presented annually to a woman who demonstrates the following qualities:

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The Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Award has been presented since 1992 when a fund was established by the family of Margaretta Belin Chamberlin both to honor her memory and to recognize accomplishments of women in our community while encouraging their personal and/or professional development. The award is given annually to either a volunteer or professional woman who exemplifies the characteristics of Margaretta, including community-mindedness, tolerance, sensitivity, and leadership.

Prior nominations are kept on file for three years. Should you wish to renominate a prior candidate who had not been selected previously, simply update the information on file regarding the candidate’s qualifications.

The Margaretta Belin Chamberlin Award will be presented at the Women in Philanthropy Quarterly Meeting to be announced at a later date. The recipient will receive a monetary award of $1,000 for the purpose of personal development or to donate to a charitable organization of the recipient’s choice.

Prior recipients include Eleanore Ginader, Rosemary Broderick, Sharon McCrone, Catherine Richmond-Cullen, Mary Elaine Southard, Judith O. Graziano, Carol Weiss Rubel, Charlotte McIlwee Ravaioli, Diana Statsman, Susan S. Belin, Rachel R. Yaklic (10th anniversary youth recipient), Margaret “Peg” Ruddy, Sally E. Bohlin, Andrea J. Mulrine, Natalie Gelb, Mary Ann LaPorta, Sr. Margaret Gannon, IHM, Mary Belin Rhodes, Sondra Myers, Nancy Dressel, Jeanne Bovard, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Jane Oppenheim, Sister Ann Walsh, Nada Gilmartin, Michelle Dempsey, Laurie Cadden, Maureen Maher-Gray, and Mary-Pat Ward.

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The Roseann Smith Alperin Award was established by the Junior League of Scranton to recognize an outstanding female volunteer who exhibits the heart and spirit of Roseann Smith Alperin by demonstrating the capacity to lead, motivate, and inspire others and the community she serves. The Roseann Smith Alperin Award honors an area woman who has the capacity to encourage others to make more of themselves and the community they serve.

Through this award, the award recipient has the opportunity to donate $500 to a nonprofit organization of their choice. The nonprofit organization that nominates the winning recipient also receives a $500 prize.

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Prior recipients of the Roseann Smith Alperin Award include:

Jane Oppenheim, Leah Rudolph, Gail Rees, Margaret Kovacic, Ellie Axford, Mary Ann LaPorta, Lynnie Siegal, Elaine Shepard, Laurie Cadden, Regina Boehm, Kathleen Kintzer, Tracy Bannon, Michele Margotta Neary, Michele Bannon, Tara Atkins, Susan Blum Connors, Anne Falzett, Katie Gilmartin and Amy Betts.

We encourage you to nominate someone either of these awards who you feel has made an impact on our community.

Nominations will be accepted online through the Scranton Area Community Foundation’s online grant portal.
Once you log in to the Scranton Area Community Foundation’s online grant portal, you will be able to submit your nomination.

Please review the instructions on the online grant portal homepage PRIOR to creating a new account. For additional questions about creating a login, please email Grants@safdn.org.

Please note: If you are an individual wishing to submit a nomination and you are NOT applying on behalf of a nonprofit organization, please contact Maggie Martinelli at Maggie@safdn.org for instructions on submitting a nomination. We welcome your submission!

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Deadline to submit a nomination: Thursday, July 30, 2021

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