Women in Philanthropy is a proud initiative of

Why Women & Girls

Investing in women and girls is one of the best, proven methods of fighting poverty and stopping the cycle of poverty from spreading from one generation to the next. By targeting major issues that impact women and girls, and providing funding for innovative projects that will eliminate the root causes of poverty and inequality, Women in Philanthropy (“WIP”) will empower and transform the lives of women and girls in Lackawanna County.

WIP seeks to help women and girls reach their full potential. The health of our nation’s economy depends on the success of American women. Each year, the number of families supported primarily or solely by the female adult member of the household is increasing.

Empowering Women and Girls and Transforming Families

Women in Philanthropy will operate under the belief that it is better to give women and girls the tools they need to improve their lives and ultimately lift themselves and their families out of poverty, rather than providing an item or two that will help them get from one day to the next. We believe that investing in proven, successful programs that target long-term, meaningful change is the most effective way to empower women and girls and transform lives.

Women Helping Women

Members of Women in Philanthropy will support and fund the future of women and girls in Lackawanna County. WIP will be comprised of individuals who want to be actively involved in making decisions that impact the well-being of women in girls in our community in various ways:

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